Thursday, April 16, 2009

One down, One to go!!!

What a whirlwind two weeks we have had. We packed up, moved out (of our temporary first place) headed off to Utah for some work/vacation time, headed back to Cali, bounced from house to house (and still bouncing) prepapring for wedding pictures and our sealing in two days, then saying our good byes and off to TEXAS!!!!! (four days from today! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! We're just excited to be settled (temporarily)atleast for four months this time. He are a few shots of our adventures over the past week and a half or two. Enjoy!!! I'm signing out, (more then likely until we're in Houston)!!


Well, the big day has finally arrived, after much planning (only to fall apart COMPLETELY) we have reached our Temple Sealing Date. SATURDAY APRIL 18TH, 2009. As to be expected, Satan has worked EXTRA hard on us up to this point, but we're still going and GREATLY anticipating Saturday and the sacred nature of what will happen that day. We are so excited to finally Solemnize our marriage in the holiest of places, the place where Heaven and Earth meet and hearts and minds are turned toward God. we are excited to celebrate this day with many of you have become like family to us over the years, and to feel the sanctity of our union. Being married for 2 and a half months by civil law only has left us feeling empty. Yearning for more, and eagerly anticiapting the day when civil law meets Heavenly Law and binds us as man and wife in COVENANT with FATHER IN HEAVEN, not only through the end of our days in this life, but for ALL of the days in the ETERNITIES to come.
What a special day it will be.

*Pictures to follow, we are shooting them tomorrow!