Monday, December 21, 2009

a quick peek inside our little home...

so i know it's been months now, and i've been saying i'd post a few little shots of our place for those of you who've been wanting to see it... sorry it's so late but here is a few shots, including one of Buddy in his most favorite of places... (on the bed, snuggled in to me). :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Make it STOP... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Reader Discretion Advised!!!!... I am moving about in my house trying anything and everything I can to get my mind off of feeling like I'm going to HURL!!! I've been doing so well, no sickness for weeks now, and then all of a sudden, Saturday night brought with it this DREADFULLY AWFUL, DOESN'T WANT TO GO AWAY, feeling of needing to throw up.

So for nearly 48 hours now i've had this awful urge, but nothing has come of it. Just a crummy feeling. Then early this morning, about 6ish, I got a call from Frank that he forgot to leave me some important papers when he left for work, so he needed me to hurry to his work to hand it to me, so i got up, drove the 5 minutes there, felt ok, headed back, started feeling awful pulled into my spot at home opened the door, and then it happened, the most miserable, embarrassing moment ever... I lost it, projectile junk out my mouth as my next door neighbor is walking to her car. She had the most grossed out look on her face and unfortunately there was not a thing i could do about it. After a few unsettling minutes I felt ok enough to start heading inside... I got out of my car, walked around the nastiness to head upstairs to find something to atleast cover the nastiness with, and before I even made it past the grass to my house, there I was having a relapse of 5 minutes ago... this time it was even worse because there were more neighbors outside, walking their dogs, heading to work, going somewhere other then there. At first i was a little bugged that no one even asked if I was ok, clearly they saw me puking my guts out, (sorry for the graphic description) but then I thought about how I might react in that situation, and I'm not sure I'm a good enough person to walk even remotely close to that.

Hmm... Ironically, now that i've written how crummy I feel, I think i'm startin to feel a little better! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thought for the day... and FOR LIFE!!!!!