Thursday, May 13, 2010

Does this mean i'm officially a "grown-up" ?

So, last week was my last week at work, atleast for now, we're not sure yet if i'm going to go back a couple days a week after Lilley comes, but for the moment, i'm home and obsessed with afternoon TV. This is odd for me 'cuz i don't even really like Tv, let a lone watch shows everyday! but from 2-5 everyday, you can find me either in bed or on the couch G-L-U-E-D to:

I've been able to learn some awesome new crafts to work on while i'm waitin for the baby, caught up on some current events and oprah's pledge to stop texting while driving, and some celebrity gossip with ellen! I remember when i was little and my mom had her "afternoon" shows and all of a sudden i flashed forward to my little girl thinking i was so weird 'cuz i watched afternoon talk shows almost religiously! yikes! :)