Thursday, April 29, 2010

a sneek peak...

So, a fabulous friend and adopted "big sister" of mine organized a little maternity shoot for me the other day, and it was fun... slightly weird to actually see myself pregnant other then by looking in the mirror though. Its a totally different me to get used to, but soon enough the little one will be here and i'll be back to my normal self. :)
NOT that i'm complaining though, i haven't gained that much weight, somewhere around 25 lbs at 34 plus weeks. It's mainly the discomfort of this stage of pregnancy that is startin to get to me. I don't sleep, my stomach is rock hard, can't bend much, and startin to get those "braxton hicks" contractions. But i am happy to endure 'cuz all this means is that my little girl is gettin closer and closer to makin her GRAND entrance in to this world and in to our lives! Frank and I can't wait! We love her soooo much already! :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just a few updates... :)

First of all, this past Sunday, my adorable husband and I celebrated our 2ND FIRST Anniversary!!!! not too many peeps can say that huh? :) April 18th is our Sealing anniversary, just three short months after our first anniversary. Unfortunately, I think i had a slight case of food poisening 'cuz i spent the whole day passed out on the couch. :( Frank was sure to take advantage of my sleeping and caught up on some much needed sleep as well! It was, in it's own way, a perfect way to spend our special day together. I could write so much about my husband, but this time i reserved those words for him on a homemade card which seemed to be a huge hit!!

I have also been working on some new found hobbies lately, including tending to my own "little garden", i've always wanted one, so Frank and I decided I would start off small and see how it goes before I ever think about a regular size one in a yard... here is a shot of how it looks two weeks in! :)

and speaking of growing, everyone i know keeps asking for a shot of my belly... i will have you know i hate this picture, and think it highly inappropriate, however, it's all i have, so i apologize for the lack of clothing in advance! this was at 32 weeks.

umm, what else? oh, i dyed my hair...

and been feelin crafty lately, so i've started sewing some things (will post pics later) adding embellishments to onesies, painting nursery decorations, etc... heres a couple onesies...

thats about it for now!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring is in the air... and I LOVE IT!!!!

here is how we've been enjoyin it...


Only in southern california I should say, can you go from this:

to this:

and then here in-between!

Frank and I LOVE to be outdoors, and fortunately, we've had the opportunity to enjoy three seasons within about a weeks time. We were fortunate enough to get away to the mountains, and then later in the week take a trip to a beautiful and somewhat secluded beach in Dana Point, and then venture to our own little slice of heaven just out our door at the lake near our house. :) such a beautiful place in which we live! We don't mind hoppin in the car and ending up at the mountains or the beach after just about an hours drive what-so-ever!!!
here are a few more pics from our ventures out and about (sorry, there is no real good "belly pictures")