Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some of my favorite kids... and moments!

So, why the random kids on the blog? Well, if you didn't know, almost a year ago (after coming home from school) I met the Pulsipher family. By the looks of the cute kids, you can see it was love at first sight... well maybe not, we got off to a bit of a rought start, but once we all settled in and got used to the idea, I became affectionately known as their "nanny." I never in a million years thought i'd be a nanny, but I must say, even when i'm beyond frustrated with the kids, ( i know their mom can vouch for that!) I wouldn't trade them in for the world!!! I love the Pulsiphers, ALL, of them, including the gigantic 10 month old St. Bernard Charley. We have done lots of things together, some I have enjoyed less then others..(i.e. homework time, or the dark hours as they're known around the Pulsipher house) others have been fun and very memorable... Kauai, hawaii, Katelyn's school play, watching Brooke ride her horse, crazy stories from the weekends, and the babies, oh the babies... I'm not sure that I knew what I was getting myself in to when I signed up to spend the afternoon with a now two and two and a half year old!!! (the older of the two is adopted) They do more then keep me on my toes... they down right wear me out!!! By the looks of the pictures in the slideshow, you can see that they are as busy as ever and in to every little thing they can get their hands on!!!!! But all four girls and their mom make each day I spend with them so great!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


My baby showed me how much she hearts me when she set up a special picnic for us at the Harveston pond, I was surprised when she had me meet her there because as I pulled up to the pond I tried to find her since I knew she had beat me there so when I finally saw her she was sitting across the pond waving at me, it was so cute. When I walked up to her she had set some rose pedals in the grass spelling out I love you! Thank you Honey Bunny I love you too!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Always the same pictures....

So we've decided after months and months of snapshots of our adventures, they all look the same!!!! After we came home the other night from our wonderful day in san diego, frank was at my house looking through pictures and commented that in nearly every picture we have taken we have on sunglasses and hats, always the same smile and pose and most of the time even the same color. The funniest part is that when we take the pictures, it's usually several weeks in between and now we have to think about what we're wearing that day so that in our pictures, it doesn't always look like the same freakin picture!!!! :) We thought we'd compile some of these "always the same" photos for everyone to see...

One great day!

A time to relax...

According to the Websters Dictionary, the definition of Relaxation states that it is "the abatement or relief from bodily or mental work, effort, application, etc. an activity or recreation that provides such relief; diversion; entertainment." All of the above are things both Frank and I stood in desperate need of as this summer begins to come to a close. Every weekedend since the end of May, we have had a wedding to attend, a birthday party, family dinners/bbq's, beach parties, friends in town, church duties to fulfill, etc... We have yet to have a moment just to ourselves to enjoy each others company and the beauty of the world in which we live. Me and my brilliant ideas which must be stated almost NEVER turn out brilliant, decided to plan a day just for us to be together and enjoy the outdoors. We began the day early at the Temple, (which need I say anything more about the feeling of peace and tranquility there?), then we headed for some breakfast in Pacific Beach, followed by a few hours of mosying around Seaworld, and completed by a brief swim in Mission Bay as we began the treck home.
Contrary to almost everything else I ever plan to do, the day turned out better then I ever could have hoped for. Our Temple experience was fantastic (especially since it was Frank's first time) breakfast was nice, especially as we walked around Pacific Beach, Seaworld was fun (overcrowded) but nice, and even our brief dip in the water just helped me to realize that every once in while we need to stop for a minute and just breath!! There is so much more to life then hurrying and scurrying from one thing to the next (that is exactly how I live my life). I can't speak for Frank, but he is very busy each day as well, and I'm almost certain he really appreciated the time that we just got to relax and go at our own slower pace without a schedule to follow, or necessary daily tasks to complete. I think on our drive home saturday, we came to the conclusion that we absolutely must take a day once a month to do whatever we want to do at whatever pace we want to do it at because without it, life becomes too mundane.