Monday, March 15, 2010

birthday fun and sunday sun!

this past week has been such a beautiful week, the weather here in so cal has been near perfect and although spring is still five days away, it sure feels like its here!! So needless to say we took FULL advantage of living lake-side and took a full strolls around the lake with buddy and baby belly. I also celebrated my 24th birthday this past week and it was such a fun day. My sweet husband spent the day pamering me including a beautiful breakfast, and romantic dinner followed by our friends and family coming over for some yummy cake and ice cream!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

oops, i meant to post this instead!!!

so i posted two posts accidentally that were drafts... not sure AT ALL how that happened oh well!!!

anyways, some of you have already commented on the facebook link, but i thought i'd try it out here also.

anyone care to share their favorite most functional baby gifts? I E... the Diaper genie, does it really work and do you really like it? etc...

also, the lame stuff, the things you wouldn't register for again!! i'd LOOOOOVE your comments!!

worth mentioning again!!! :)