Thursday, August 13, 2009

I guess when you're married you kiss long and juicy!! ha ha ha

** Keep in mind that what you are about to read is in relation to two sisters age 3 and a half, and almost three*** that makes what you are about to read even cuter in my opinion.
So today I was driving along in the car deep in thought about our current life situation, and then out of the blue I get the funniest text from a really great friend of mine about something her two little girls just said and then acted out. Maybe it's just me and the fact that I adore them, but it provided me with a much needed laugh. :)
TEXT MESSAGE: " the girls are playing and one said to the other ok, I am Brina and you are Frink (she calls frank frink i think cause she couldn't say his name right when she learned it) the other said OK, I GUESS WE NEED TO KISS NOW!! THEN THEY KISSED LONG AND JUICY. "

I guess you could look at that as strange, but when you live in the land of little people, I think it's deemed highly appropriate because they are just reinacting what they have observed in the past. Although, I am 100% certain they have never witnessed us kissing long and juicy!!! They have however spent a lot of time with frank and I. I responded to my friend that I wasn't quite sure how to respond to that other then to crack up and she said well, I guess they know that when you're married you kiss long and juicy.

thanks for the great laugh my friend!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just a quick update...

As some of you may have noticed with our recent encounters with you... Frank and I may seem a little distant, not very chatty, and genuinely humble, or like we ve fallin off the earth.That is a great observation, mainly because it's true. Frank and I are enduring several hardships at this present time that are leaving us both emotionally, and physically drained which leaves us with little energy to do much but small talk with most of you. PLEASE, we urge you, don't take offense to our distant behavior. We just have limited energy these days to do much else but endure and do it together, so what little extra "umph" we may have, we are trying to save it for one another. It's a beautiful thing, this life in which we live and the highs and lows we experience while making our way through it. These days, Frank and I are just trying to hold strong to our covenants we made with God and one another and be grateful for each day and the experience with which it brings us. We see these troubled times a a gift, and at some point we would like to share our experiences with you, we just aren't quite ready to do so at this time. :) We greatly appreciate all the kind words and deeds we have received recently, and hope you know how much we love and cherish each of you. Until we chat again, we send our blogging family and friends all our love!
xoxoxo Frank and Sabrina