Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As most of you know by now we welcomed our sweet baby LILLEY GRACE VELASQUEZ in to our lives on June 21st 2010. She was born at 3:28 pm, weighing in at 7lbs 4oz and 20 in. in length. Truly, the most beautiful experience of my life. It topped our beautiful sealing even. Such a sacred and blessed event, and hopefully as I write about it here I don't turn in to a blubbering baby. :)

It all started early morning on the 19th of June. Started having real strong contractions around 2 in the morning they went on for hours and grew increasingly more intense and began coming closer together. After about 4 hours and trying to wake a deep sleeping husband we finally headed off to the hospital. Long story short, we got there, they hooked me up to the monitors, and I wasn't dialated enough to be admitted so begrudgingly we headed home. I was grumpy, especialy since I was still having contractions and they were paiful. Then as the day progressed they pretty much seemed to go away. We had a big family BBQ planned for the afternoon so we went about the afternoon as planned and NOTHING! It was as if nothing ever happened inside my stomach that morning. Then as the evening progressed, I began to progress as well... contractions came back, this time stronger, but not as close together and that carried on all through the night and in to the next day which was Father's Day. I desperatley wanted the baby to come on Father's Day because my dad was here in town, but more importantly, because I knew how excited and anxious Frank was for the baby to come and I just thought it would be the most special day for him. (Plus I bought a card and present for a "first time" dad thinking the baby would for sure be here by now). Anyway, by dinner time on Sunday evening I was having full blown contractions, enough so that I couldn't eat my dinner, I had to SSSSQQQUEEZEE Frank's hand with each one and then, alas, for 5 minutes, I was fine... until the next one came. :) By about midnight, I think Frank knew he wouldn't be going to work the next day because he was wide awake on the couch holding my hand through each one and talking me through it. We tried to sleep for a while so he made me a bed on the couch and pulled our oversized chair up next to it and slept in the chair so he didn't have to leave my side. The sleeping only lasted about 10 minutes. we tried to wait it out as long as we could because we didn't want to be sent home AGAIN for not being ready, but this time was different and we knew it... off to the hospital we went at 3:45am they checked me and right away admitted me and stuck me with my best friend the EPIDURAL! awesome, highly receommend it!
After about 9 and a half hours of virtually no pain until the last few pushes out came this BEAUTIFUL DARK HAIRED PERFECT LITTLE CREATION. Leading up to that, though not entirely conscious, drained from exhaustion and two sleepless nights prior i fell in love with my husband all over again. HE WAS PERFECT!! We weren't planning on him being such and intrugal part of lilley's birth, but the nurse put him to work holding my leg and he made his way in to my head and calmed me down and talked me through and hour of hard pushing, and then just as the baby was making her way out, the flood gates opened and tears flowed from his face in such a special way. Everything about his countenance changed in that instant and I swear it was as if the veil between here and HEAVEN opened just for him. The expression on his face is one I will NEVER forget... truly sacred.
Then with one last push out came Lilley!! i let out a good yell I guess, and just in the same minute she looked at me and yelled back... everyone in the room started laughing. I don't remember, i could barely keep my eyes open, but each of the nurses said it was hilarious.
Then came the first night, the one and only time Frank and I have ever spent a night apart since we've been married. The baby and I were exhausted so we slept pretty much the entire night, but in the moments before falling asleep we layed in the hospital bed and jsut stared at each other... so special.
Then the next day first thing in the morning Frank came back sat by my side the whole day and jumped right in to daddy mode and has been going ever since. The first week he stayed home from work and took care of everythig... gave baths, changed every diaper, lotioned her dry skin, carried and dressed her each day, drove me to the pediatrician, woke up to help feed, helped feed (by helping me get in to position or holding the baby. rocking the baby, everything he could do, he did. It's so amazing to see him with our baby girl, our lives are so full, and I know, the arrival of our sweet baby has deepened our love for one another tremndously, and brought even more of Heaven in to our home and to our lives. We love our little girl so much, she is such a joy, and we can't wait to introduce her to the world!

PS, Buddy the dog is still like our other child and he has transitioned perfectly to our new addition. He loves to snuggle up near her but still keep a safe distance. you can tell there is no jealousy!!! we are so blessed! :)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

lots of special celebrations!

So, as my last post stated, we've been pretty busy these last several weeks with weddings, babies, and even a funeral. We've has the pleasure to be surrounded by so many of our loved ones, and it has been so special for Frank and I... we're down to the last few days before our abby girl gets here, so it's been fun to celebrate in all of life's special moments together in anticipation of our BIGGEST life changing moment thus far. Here are a few highlights of all of the celebrations we've been a part of.

(adorable cake courtesy of my friend Erica)

(my mother in law in front of most of her yummy creations!)

(the velasquez women sis in law and my mom)

(lots of goodies)

then a surprise shower with the gals from work;

there was one more FABULOUS shower given for me, but unfortunately i don't have the pics for it...

next was a funeral for my old ice skating choreographer... if you didn't know, i used to ice skate. 12 hard years of my life were given to my skating so when the sad news came that my former coach had passed from a horrible battle with cancer, all of my old skating team came together from all over the country to celebrate. here we are all grown up. Some married, some in grad school, some jsut starting in college, and some even still in high school but this group is forever bound by all the time we spent during our childhood traveling and competing all over the world.

then we were off to another wedding, a good friend of mine was sealed for timeand all eternity to his beautiful bride in the San Diego Temple and the day was great... it ended with a sort of reunion with lots of friends and some adopted family. we even found our other preggo friends and captured a few shots with the mommies and daddies to be! So much fun!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First comes LOVE, then comes MARRIAGE, then comes the BABY IN THE BABY CARRIAGE!

WOW!! This is the year for engagements, weddings, and babies!! I was just counting up all the announcements, wedding invites, and baby shower invites and announcements we've received so far this year and are expecting rather soon and it's insane!!

Here is the tally so far:

Engagement Announcements: 4

Wedding Announcements: 8

Bridal Shower invites: 2

Baby Shower invites: 3

Baby Announcements: 4

that is just before June started... in the next month we will attend two weddings, 1 shower and welcome a nephew and our baby girl!!

yay for families! they truly are FOREVER!!! :) XO