Tuesday, September 28, 2010

play time!

we just love to play with this sweet little girl any chance we get... even if she is a little grumpy still fom teething! :)

Monday, September 27, 2010


my sweet even tempered smiley happy baby is quickly becoming a little crab cake, and I don't like it! Poor baby is REALLY, AND I MEAN REALLY starting to teethe. She's fussy most of the day (several minute long crying bouts, pick her up, calm her down, put her down and it all starts over again), barely sleeps, could fill buckets with all that drool, puts just about everything in her mouth and her bite is extremely strong (trust me, i know all too well) and she's just not herself.
I'm starting to regret waiting til almost a month old to give her a pacifier, because even though everything else goes in her mouth, that is the one thing she won't take!
I feel so bad for her, i give her cold spoons and teething rings, but they only help for so long... any one have any other suggestions? :) i will gladly and willingly try any and all to help the poor girl out!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A little bit bitter. A little bit sweet.

I'm feeling just a little bit bitter and just a little bit sweet. We're moving in a few days... we're moving less then a mile away from where we live now to a bigger and better home in every sense of the literal meaning, but I'm not quite sure if anything will ever be better then this place and this time in our lives. We've moved a total of 8 times in 20 months of marriage but this little home we've built together, this beautiful place is full of so many great memories, so much love and so much joy. Everyone is asleep, my adorable husband, my beautiful baby, and my loving buddy dog and I'm filling the boxes and one by one putting away the memories of our first "real" home as husband and wife, and packing the memories of the day we brought Lilley home from the hospital. My heart is hurting slightly simply because I know we'll never experience this time and this special place again.
It's not that I'm not excited to move, because I am, so much more space and new adventures, a new ward, new friends, new life experiences... but this is my home, my sacred space where our lives truly began together and went from a family of two (plus buddy) to a family of three (plus buddy)!
Dear home,
You sure have been good to us, we'll never forget the time we shared here with you. I hope we'll always remember how special you were and reflect often on the lives we began with you and your help! I will always love you... <3!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

my little worker bee...

This man is the hardest working man I know, and have ever met in my entire life. He is always the first one to offer a hand. He goes above and beyond what is asked and never settles for anything less than perfection. I used to think that was annoying, being married to someone as anal as Frank can at times be trying. :) Fortunately for me though, I have learned to appreciate his standards for task completion and thoroughly enjoy the opportunities we have to work on projects together because I know I loved to see his amazing mind at work. At times I get a little down when people call him to do work for them because i takes away from the time we have to spend as a family, but then i think how grateful I am that he cares for Lilley buddy and I enough to give up his free time to earn some extra money for emergencies, and necessities and provide us with a great life. I am so proud of him, and all that he has accomplished over the past year. He's in an indusrty that was huge terribly hard by our nations recession, yet he found a way to perservere and keep looking for a better job, and now he has that better job. Each month with them brings with it an added level of respect and appreciation for his efforts and inturn provides us with the ability for me to stay home with our little one. It's thanks to Frank that we have that "luxury" and to him i am eternally grateful. I love my little worker bee with all my heart!

Lost in these moments...

She is divine, HEAVENS' most precious gift and she has us both in COMPLETE awe.