Monday, March 30, 2009


Two little fairy princesses come to life...
These two fairy princesses are sisters and they are about as different as any two people could ever be, but they do have a few things in common, one of which is me. You see, I take care of these two in the afternoons four days a week, and for the past year and a half, I have fallen in love with them and the little people they are quickly becoming. They have grown up so much even though they are still "little people". Before we know it, they will be grown and off on their own adventures in life. My time with them is drawing to a close ever so rapidly, as Frank and I pack up and move on. Today as I sat here and played with them, I felt my heart begin to ache just a little. I think each day until we leave it's going to get worse and worse. I just adore them.
We have experienced so much together, and I greatly anticipate each day I get to spend with them because each day is a new experience. We get to learn about things outside and things around the house, we pracitice our ABC'S and NUMBERS. They even teach me primary songs!! We go for walks and play at the park. We have the most interesting conversations, and at the end of each day, we say our good byes in a way that could melt just about anyone's heart. To hear a two year old say, with the sweetest little voice "I love you" is pretty much an indescribable feeling. It's so fun to be around them and experience life from a two year olds point of view. There is only excitement and fascination. There is NO SUCH THING as a "bad day". Just a temper-tantrum that lasts a little while, then you put them down for a nap, and voila, life is perfect again!!! :)
I love these little girls, they're like my best friends, and thankfully, most of the time, they feel the same way about me and even whisper it in my ear! :)
I am so sad to say good-bye, but I greatly look forward to hearing about all the life they have left to live. Even Frank is going to have a hard time saying good bye because he has grown to love them almost as much because he spends A lot of time with them as well. He has helped me tend them several times, including our first week of marriage. Here are just a few pictures of all the fun we've experienced together...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

To my love...

For those of you who read this, you might have noticed by the tone of my writing (if that is possible) that at times Frank and I have experienced some frustrations, either with one another, or for some other rediculous reason. These past few days have been no different. In fact, they may very well have been our most trying both collectively and individualy thus far. We've struggled through it, but made it through and this time it feels different, this time I think and hope we've reached the turning point where things start to go our way, even if it's just slightly. :)
We had a VERY VERY trying day, then as life or luck would have it, not sure which one, we had the opportunity to spend some EXTRA time in the Temple and do some work vicariously for some special people waiting for us, and I think in some very real, and notcieable ways, it has changed us for the better. Never have I felt more love, the kind which runs down to the very core of you, towards my husband nor have I felt the kind of emotion I do as I look in to his beautiful eyes as I do now. We have a song that has become "our song" and it is the first song that plays as you enter our blog site. It's called "Man and Wife" by Michelle Featherstone. Tonight, I decided to write Frank a letter, (I am MUCH MUCH better at communicating through written word) and as I sit here writing it, I keep hearing these words over and over again:
We Are Man And Wife

All the things you are to me
Darling you have set me free
I'll always give you what you need
and what you deserve
All the joy and all this love
I know that it is from above
and now together there is enough
to fill this world
Cause you are the love of my life
you are the love of my life
and now we are man and wife
Of all the things that you will do
Yet now I'm standing next to you
Darling I will see you through
the rest of our lives
With you beside me I am one
I'm glad I've waited for so long
there is no doubt that
you are the one for me
Cause you are the love of my life
you are the love of my life
There'll be times
and there'll be things
but everything
is going to be fine
now your in my life
So I give you my heart and soul
It's yours to take where ever you go
and through the years you'll always know
it's yours to keep
God has blessed this sacred vow
and angels high above look down
they see the two of us have found
the perfect love
Cause you are the love of my life
Yeah you are the love of my life
and now we are man and wife

Frank, I just want you to know how much I love you, and I know that some day soon, :) things will begin to look up for us. :) ha ha ha!! Trials mold us, they shape us in to the people we promised Father in Heaven we would become and that is when we reach our "best", and I know that as long as we keep the "eternal perspective" we will make it through all that life throws our way.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So the other day Frank and I decided to take "joop" our jeep wrangler, on a little adventure. The weather here in Murrieta has been sooo great lately, spring has certainly arrived, so we wanted to take advantage and spend the afternoon outdoors. There is this hill a few miles from our house that has an old water tower on top of it and the views from up there are gorgeous. It's a FULL 360 degree view of our town and all that is in bloom around us. It's too bad our camera SUCKS, 'CUZ it was a fantastic day for photos. We love the outdoors, and we like to take joop out to play so it was a good combination. We took the car off roading after and I did some mean donuts in the mud and we went 4 wheeling. I've come A LOOOONG way from my prissy days. I'm a whole new woman. I'm out playin in the mud and shooting guns, even sometimes enjoying driving the old beat up jeep over my nice luxurious Infinity. Wow. anyway, here are a few pics from the day, including the view, the flowers, even our "cow" friends. Hope you enjoy!

my MAMA and the NASA channel...

In our household, (or atleast in my mom's) we don't believe in having cable. NO dish network, comcast, nothing. Simply the "free previews" which are usually limited to any kind of channel in which they don't speak English. The one "constant" though is the NASA channel. My mom is G-L-U-E-D! She comes home from work each night and flips on the NASA channel, and watches the AWESOME ASTRONAUTS do their thing up on the International Space Station. The crew orbiting somewhere above us presently include a crew of 10, 8 being American and the other two are from Japan and Russia. It's to the point where she knows them by name and what their individual responsibilities are. It really is a cool channel. It's dedicated STRICTLY to the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION and it's daily happenings. Each night there is a call in session that goes on with the general public, most of the time it's young children calling in from their classrooms and today, President Obama called and talked to them. Frank and I used to make fun of her, but now we sit with her when we come and visit and watch in awe how far our space program has come, and the incredible things they accomplish while there. We always learn something new. It's kind of become a new tradition. :) ha, ironic since we'll be spending our entire summer in Houston. The main headquarters of mission control.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

march SHOWERS bring april FLOWERS...

march SHOWERS really do bring april FLOWERS because my bridal shower was held yesterday in the latter part of March in preparation for our Sealing in April. (hence the flowers in April). It was such a fun day. I had the chance to visit with so many family members whom I haven't seen in a while, and many friends as well. The food was great, the setting was fabulous, but the company was the best. I couldn't have asked for a better day. There were a few who couldn't make it for one reason or another and they missed out, but I know they were there in spirit. I'm not a game fan at showers, so my darling friend beth limited it to one, i'll have to post the questions and answers at a later date. :) We munched on all kinds of goodies from croissants filled with delicious chicken salad, cucumber mini sandwhiches, quiche, scones, home made cupcakes ( I made them, that's why they don't look very cute) and much more. I truly was showered with love and great gift for Frank and I to use as we "officially" start our lives together. My "BETHIE" did such a wonderful job on hosting the shower and I'm so lucky to have such a true friend in her. It was another perfect day!
In the photos below are my friend beth with the cupcakes, and my grandma's, mother in law and sister in law, aunts, cousins, momma, friends, and all my loved ones! Thanks to all who were in attendance!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009


YAY for Birthdays!!! Oh how I love these special days. Since I was a little kid my birthday has been treated as nothing less then a National Holiday!! This was my second birthday with Frank and not that last year was anything less then wonderful (he sent me to the day spa to get pampered) this year he made my birthday last TWO WHOLE DAYS and he did without my even knowing about it! Thanks all you sneaky people who were in on the secret, it made the festivities even sweeter knowing my sweet husband went through so much trouble to make sure I wasn't in on anything.
Tonight he planned for a little party, he invited several friends, (some of which could not make it) but those who could were great company.
My two beautiful sister-in-laws even came and my ADORABLE 5 month old niece. I was so happy they could be a part of my celebration as well!!

It was kind of sad because the party was suppose to start about 30 minutes before it did, but unfortunately for everyone else, I was upstairs on a conference call for my summer job and it ran WWWAAAAAAAYYYY over. So needless to say they were partyin away in my house downstairs without me for quite some time.

Thanks again honey for such a special birthday, oh and thanks to you too mom!! Between the two of them they did a GREAT job!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Happy Day Indeed!

Yesterday (March 10) was my birthday. This year's birthday by far topped all twenty two years before. This year, for my 23 birthday, my love spoiled me. He spent the entire day with me, brought me balloons and more, took me shopping, (my favorite birthday past time, and well, just my favorite past time.) Then as the sun began to set, drove me down to San Diego for a SUPRISE romantic sun set dinner aboard "LORD HORNBLOWER" of the Hornblower dinner cruises. We sailed away in to the sun set on San Diego Harbor and enjoyed a wonderful evening together. The nights festivities included (as mentioned)getting ALL DRESSED UP, enjoying the sunset together, dining by candlelight on some spreme delicassies, some romantic dances, and even some kisses for good luck under the Coronado Bridge. It was a WONDERFUL DAY, and I'm so happy to have shared it with the love of my life.
Thank you love for such a perfect day!
xoxoxox I LOVE YOU!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

standing on sacred ground.

When inside the walls of The Holy Temple, we, as Latter-day Saints, understand that we are walking on sacred ground. We understand that the magnificent structures which have been erected to stand as "The House of the Lord" represent just that, "The House of the Lord", the place where Heaven and Earth come together for faithful children of God to gain more knowledge in order to let their light so shine.
In this most beautiful place, Latter-day Saints are taught in greater depth the purposes of this mortal life and the necessary tools to one day enter the presence of GOD and be able to dwell with him forevermore.
The awe-inspiring beauty found within is insurmountable to anything found "in the world". By that statement I mean... LDS Temples have been dedicated to the Lord for the purposes of building up HIS kingdom. They have been erected as "REFUGES" for faithful saints to go to escape the darkness and evil that fills the world. There is NO feeling of guile, or contention, ne'er a feeling of maliciousness, deceit, or hate.
There are only feelings of peace and tranquility which abound. Feelings of Hope, Love, Charity, Kindness, and Brotherly love flow free. Each face you see is accompanied by a smile and a warm kind greeting or gesture. The Temple is a haven for children of God to go to be taught from on high many things including "The Plan of Salvation, or GOD'S Plan of Happiness" and even the importance of the Atonement, or the sacrifice our Savior made for every living thing to repent and be made clean and whole again. There is a lifetime of learning to be had about the "House of the Lord" and the ordinances performed and the covenants made therein. NO ONE has the ability to learn all he or she needs to enter the presence of GOD from just one visit. It will take an entire lifetime of living and learning and Temple attendance and Service to even come close. That is why Latter-day Saints speak so reverently about this place. Not because there are weird rituals that we participate in, or because there are dark mysteries hiding behind every door. It is because this is the place where Heaven and Earth come together and we learn that we are standing on sacred and holy ground. The ground that we believe allows us the opportunity to commune with a kind and loving Father in Heaven and to feel His Spirit, the Holy Spirit at it's most measure because there is no "unclean" thing found there. We are taught that the Spirit CANNOT dwell in unclean things therefore leaving us with the reason we value and respect our Temples so much, and the Sacred nature of the work performed inside.

My husband and I had the privilege last night to enter the Temple with many loved ones and to see them in their most pure and innocent states. We had the wonderful opportunity to learn more about this place and ALL OF IT'S GLORY. It is a night that neither of us will EVER forget. Our lives have been forever changed for the better because of sacred things we were witness to and the knowledge we have gained. We intend to spend the rest of lives striving to learn all that we can to enter the presence of GOD, and to feel the fullness of HIS glory.