Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh the babies...

Frank and his older sister are really close... (well he's close with both of his sisters) but they are a little over a year apart and have shared much of their life together, so when we found out we were pregnant we were so excited to share the news with her and her husband because they had just shared with the family that they were expecting their second child. We were due just about a week and a half apart, and just about two weeks after "baby Jake" was born, we welcomed "baby Lilley." We can't wait for the two of them to grow up and share their life and experiences together just like their parents did. :) here are a few pictures of the two of them... (and also aunt Kris, jake and sophias mommy and aunt alexis)

Monday, July 19, 2010

a MONTH old already!

here are just a few pictures from our afternoon outside on baby Lilley's one month birthday...

I can't believe our little one is already a month old! So much about her has already changed, and is continuing to change each day. It's amazing the difference in a baby a few days old and a baby at 4 weeks. She's got a few new tricks she's learned and is learning yet...

* FIRST AND FOREMOST: SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!! (since the beginning) occasionally waking for one early morning snack about 5:30.

* rolls over to either side in her sleep.

* mastered the art of nursing within the first few days of life.

* follows mom and dad with her eyes when they are walking around near her.

* LOVES LOVES LOVES to be held and snuggled.

* adores her swing... DESPISES CAR SEAT AND BOUNCER.

* starting to do push ups during tummy time and hold her weight. (not for very long though).

* she doesn't like to be alone... it's strange, since her first day of life she would cry if you walked out of her range of smell... she can sense when shes alone or something and cries until she hears you even when shes asleep... as soon as she hears a voice or sees you when awake, she's fine.

Monday, July 12, 2010

soooooo in love!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

31 years and counting!

Happy Happy Birthday to my WONDERFUL husband. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, and am so happy you chose to come to earth this day. Our little girl and I are so happy to have you in our lives and look forward to an eternity of happiness to share with you.

We celebrated last weekend a litte with the Velasquez family, and today we had our celebration with us three, and the BIG celebration is coming this weekend...


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the many faces of a newborn...

** Born in the USA**

It was a fabulous 4th of July for us, unfortunately we weren't able to follow through with our plans for the day due to a fussy little baby (turns out she had a bad rash, promise i'm not a horrible mother, just an allergic reaction)...
So, we improvised and had a great day. Usually we spend our holiday at the beach with tons of family and friends, but this year we just hung at home all day, caught up on some sleep and movies and then took little Lilley girl to the sports park here for some great fireworks. We got there really late, so we wanted to get as close to the exit as possible so that we weren't caught up in all the chaos after, so we sat as close to the street as possible. Turns out we had the best seat, 'cuz the fireworks were right over us, and the noise was minimal for baby girl. She did so good, slept through the first few minutes of the fireworks... opened her eyes wide to watch for a minute... :) then right back to sleep as if nothing was going on! We seriously have the best baby. Huh... it was a lot of fun, and nice to snuggle up with my sweet hubby and watch the show.