Tuesday, February 22, 2011

this baby...

this baby is too darn cute. She's seriously such a great baby, rarely fusses, so happy, loves to eat, loves to snuggle, loves to play, is super independent and is just so much fun to be around. I feel very lucky to be her momma!

At 8 months she's;

~15 lbs (she's such a piggy, can't figure it out... she's got her dads super fast metabolism we think).

~is 26.5 inches.

~loves to watch "baby signing time" (shes starting to pick up on a couple ie: eat, more.

~sleeps 12 hours at night

~usually naps twice a day. (a 2 hour mid morning nap and a 45 minute late afternoon nap)

~babbles mama most of the day, is starting is say dada or something close to it.

~still wants NOTHING to do with crawling... she pulls herself up on us and the couch, and sort of scoots backwards, but wants nothing to do with going forward.

~still loooooooves her baths.

I think thats about it for now, she's just growing and getting more and more fun each and every day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can you read what it says?

look very closely at the papers behind my head on my fireplace..

NEW BABY VELASQUEZ. On Christmas day, we had a big family get together, both sides of our immediate family came to our house to celebrate this year, which gave us the opportunity to play lots of games and make a rather large announcement to everyone since it was the first time our ENTIRE family has been together... ever.
We asked both of our sister in laws to bring a board game, (totally forgot the name at the moment) sort of like charades, so that we could be creative in the way we made our big announcement... however, both of them forgot the game (not knowing anything) so we had ti improvise and after some brainstorming, the next best thing was hang man. :) It took everyone a while, and my mother in law assumed we were talking about our baby nephew who was still in the hospital, but then his dad pointed out that there were only two Velasquez families present, and only one was still of baby birthing age, so then after a few second pause and some confused/ excited facial expressions, we confirmed that we, Frank Lilley and I were in fact expecting a new baby! Then a loud roar and cheer followed. It was classic, and that same brother-in-law- who pointed out the obvious, got everyone'`Zs expressions on video unbenounced to any of them. :) hahahahahahaha. It was HILARIOUS! Now, we realize we have seen most of you atleast a few times since christmas and have yet to share our news with you, not for any reason in particular, we just feel that now is a good time to announce that baby velasquez #2 will be coming in to this world sometime in mid August, which makes me a little over 13 weeks along to date.
Yes, we're aware how close together our children will be :) I mean that in the nicest possible way, and join in our excitement as we anticipate the newest addition to our little family.


Anyways,i'm feelin great, not any sickness , just a little fatigue.

I have tons more to post, just don't have time at the moment, so stay tuned! :)