Thursday, June 23, 2011

"1st" birthday day

We were very fortunate to have Frank home with us for Lilleys birthday ALL day, he had to work overnight so we had a very pleasant family day, before we had just a tiny little party. We started off the morning at my bi-weekly doc appt for baby boy, then came home and made Lilley some strawberry and banana pancakes. Then we headed off to the park before nap time. Then, after the park, we came home, ate lunch, put her down to sleep, watched a movie, and when she woke up we spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool. Dumb me, I forgot to bring the camera out, but Lilley is turning in to a water baby. She loves the pool now and loves to splash around. She was exhausted so she came home and took a nice afternoon nap (which rarely happens these days) and then we had a couple of our good friends over to celebrate her special day since they wouldn't be able to celebrate with us at her party this coming Saturday. I think she had a nice day, Frank and I sure enjoyed our time together with our baby girl and now are looking forward to her party and then the rest of this busy summer with his birthday, and the arrival of our baby boy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"B" is for...

BOY!!!! Yep thats right- im only 32 weeks prego and we found out yesterday on Lilleys birthday that baby #2 is FOR SURE a baby boy! Were excited for a boy in the house- not going to lie- it's a totally foreign world for me, ive never even changed a boy diaper, never-the-less, we're so excited to welcome him in to our little family in mid August. ")

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Birthday Girl. xoxoxo

Today is Lilleys' 1st birthday- I CANNOT believe it! A year has gone by all too quickly. Time please slow down. If i keep writing i'll get all emotional, so i'll just keep it short-ish. :) The past year has been the very best year of my life so far, welcoming Lilley in to our family with Frank has been the greatest blessing and watching our family grow has meant so much to us. She is truly such a joy and I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father gave me the privelege of being her mommy. She is such a delight to be around, I could not have hoped, or asked for a better baby. She puts a smile on everyones face who gets to interact with her and although I want to keep her this innocent little baby forever, I know that she is going to grow in to a strong and beautiful woman, and honestly, I am excited to see the woman she will become. I love my baby girl so much and I hope with all my heart when she looks back on the memories we created together as a family in her early youth, that she will know that, and know what a special loved little spirit she is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET SWEET BABY GIRL. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddys' Girl

So miss Lilley and her daddy are like kindred spirits- she has already inherited so many of his traits and she has this uncanny love for anything her daddy touches. His clothes-his shoes- his plate, cups, etc... When he walks in the door from work she's usually sitting in her high chair eating her dinner and the minute she sees him she yells out (in a very loud voice)- "DADA"!!!! Which is then followed by an ear to ear grin and shriek at him to come over and give her kisses. She just adores him, and I LOVE to watch the two of them play together and interact. This week is a big week for us, we're celebrating Lilleys first birthday and i cannot believe a year ago this weekend i went in to labor with Lilley. We thought for sure she'd be born on Fathers Day, so i tried to make it special but i think I failed miserably, mostly because I was contracting so bad. I sent Frank and my dad off to go play some golf, it was a new hobby he was really starting to get in to- and now, a year later, he still LOVES the game of golf just as much if not more then he ever has before. I was trying to come up with ideas of things to get him for his first "official" Fathers day, and one of the things I thought, was his own picture of Lilley with some of his gokf gear- why not combine two of the things he loves so dearly in his life. LILLEY, AND GOLF. and since Lilley loves anything her daddy touches, it wasn't hard to capture her with her hand inside of Franks golf shoe just pushing it around and playing with it. My silly baby- she's too cute!

Anyways, wishing you all a happy fathers day! We love our daddy here in our home, and we hope he has the most wonderful relaxing day. He deserves it! We love you tons my love and were so glad to spend the day honoring you. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Monday, June 6, 2011


recently Lilley has discovered her own reflection in the mirror and she loves to give kisses to it. :) She loves to give kisses anyway, but she gets so excited to crawl up to the mirror and lay a big slobbery open mouthed kiss on it. And then sit back and stare at herself. hahaha. too cute.

Technology confuses/frustrates me sometimes!

Sometimes, I feel really stupid when i use the internet- IE- I made an evite for Lilleys' birthday party a few weeks back because I was too lazy to make her invitations, so I filled out all the info, sent the message and everything was good. Then, a few days later, my sometimes short-term- memory challenged husband told me he had something going on the date of her party. :( Umm, HELLO!! We already discussed, in detail, what day we were going to have her party on... grrr, so anyways, I signed back in to evite to change the date and send out a notice saying we changed it to the following Saturday. That was fine, the notice was sent out no problem,and i even received a few reply of those unable to make it. But now, for the last week I have been getting emails everyday from myself with her invitation and the notice saying I changed the date, so I APOLOGIZE TO ANY OF YOU WHO MAY BE RECEIVING DAILY EMAILS FROM ME, IM NOT TRYING TO BUG YOU BY ANY MEANS ABOUT HER PARTY I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON im not even the one sending them! SO I JUST DELETED HER INVITATION ALL TOGETHER SO HOPEFULLY YOU DONT RECEIVE ANY MORE EMAILS! IM SO ANNOYED WITH THAT!!!

ILL post it on my blog once, with regard to the date change and that is it...

Saturday June 25th @ 12:30 pm @ Harveston Lake Gazebo.

i can't keep track anymore of who received what. So LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, VENTING SESSION OVER! Thanks for listening. :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Blueberry Queen

This is her- don't mind the grubby face, she had already eaten about 10 blueberries at this point in our adventure. :)

She LOVES, and i mean LOVES BLUEBERRIES! When we go grocery shopping, I have to hide them from her because she screams at me to eat them if she sees them. Same thing at home, when im feeding her, if theyre on her plate or in her bowl and she runs out, I have to distract her with other food. I'm not sure where the obsession came from, neither Frank or I love them, we like them, but deffinitly not as much as Lilley. Anyway, we went to the Blueberry Farm with a friend and her little girl and the two liked it... Lilley was uncharacteristically grumpy- that darn second tooth is bugging her, but she did manage to eat several while we strolled through the orchard... wasn't really planning on taking the stroller, I was hoping she'd be walking better, but she hasn't quite mastered it yet so the stroller was the best way to go. Morgan, my friends little girl enjoyed the experience a little better I think because she was cruising down the orchard by herself. But overall it was fun and can't wait til next year to take Lilley back and revel in picking her own favorite fruit. :)

note the blueberries clutched in her hand while waiting for me to take a picture. :)

And then, this is how we finished off the day. Back to her normal smiley happy self. :)