Monday, November 30, 2009

an ode to my husband...!

So just about everyone I know thinks that their husband is the best husband in the world and they are constantly bragging about this or that in reference to things their husband does for them, etc... I too would like to take just a few paragraphs to "brag" about my husband. I would not feel comfortable saying he is the most wonderful husband in the world, but I would go as far as to say he is genuinely the most wonderful man I know. He is PERFECT FOR ME, and wonderful to me. He supports me in all that I do, believes in all that I am, and can be. Helps me to accomplish all that I have in me to accomlish. He provides for me in all ways imagineable, he is my rock, and aside from the Savior, he is my best and most true friend. Time has revealed in him all that I could have ever hoped to find, and we haven't even spent that much time together yet. He teaches me each day to be a little more patient (which is undoubtedly one of my BIGGEST STRUGGLES in life), a little more kind, a little more humble, more believing, more hopeful, more faithful, more kind,more giving, more compassionate, more service oriented, to have pride in myself and all that I do, to work harder, care deeper, and many more things.

Many of you who have watched our life together blossom, might have heard Frank say at to you that in the beginning, "Sabrina didn't like me at the beginning". It's kind of a joke with us, he tells people I used to hate him, but he didn't give up on me, and now here we are!
All kidding aside, I have loved this man from the beginning. Apparently I didn't show it very well, but I knew that there was something special about him. I tend not to write much about how I feel about Frank, especially not to him, because i feel it so redundant, but that is simply just an excuse, and a pretty crappy one, because all along, in many ways, both large and small, he has made sure to make me feel so special. He has made sure to make me feel loved, and adored, appreciated and admired. He does his best to only speak kindly and softly. He helps me to create the kind of home that we read about in church books, and hear about in conference addresses. I am in no way trying to say that we have it all together, and that we do things perfect, or even remotely close, but what I am saying is that, mostly because of my husband, and his example to me and to others, we are able to have a home in which the Spirit abundantly resides, and a marriage in which the basic principles and doctrines of the faith that we so deeply love are guiding truths by which we live.

A few months ago, I wrote about our own personal hell, and the struggles and adversities we had recently faced and how they nearly pulled us apart. I removed that post, not because of embarrassment, but because I felt that it took away from the strength our marriage has become to each of us. We have come so far in such a short time, after some of our experiences as of late, it feels as if we have already been married ten years, but I would say that they have been the most WONDERFUL ten imaginery years of my life! Heaven has a way giving you glimpses in to it's glorious realm, and my life and my husband are daily glimpses in to what is to come for us, of that I am certain. I am SURE we will have MANY MANY MANY more trials to endure and opposition to overcome, but there is no one else in this world that I would rather go through it with, and no one else that could be more perfect for me then my Francisco! (HE HATES TO BE CALLED FRANCISCO) :) HE HE HE.

ANYWAY, thanks blogspot for allowing me to hop on the "brag wagon" for a few minutes to declare to the world how wonderful my husband is!

And Frank, when you read this, sometime in the next few months since you never read the blog anymore, know that I LOVE YOU. Always have, Always will. FOREVER!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

With a little hesitation...

Hello again! Well, as previously discussed, Frank and i are looking forward to some exciting changes heading our way throughout the next few months. In a brief way, I will do my best to fill you in...
As life would have it, our plans have once again changed and the things we had set out to accomplish this coming summer are going to have to take a back seat to a new little blessing that should be arriving sometime around mid-june. (give or take a couple weeks) Yes that's right folks, Frank and I are expecting a little bebe. Word of this comes after making some plans for me to FINALLY finsih my bachelor's degree this coming summer, and try to fit in some traveling before we strted our family. Well, obviosuly, that's not going to happen now. :P

we've known for a few weeks now, and have been reluctant to inform anyone just yet of our exciting news, but then I took a trip to the doctor and they informed me that at that time I was already just about through the first trimester and that everything looked good. So we decided it was probably safe to start sharing our joy. So here I'm thinking I've made out pretty well the first ten weeks being pregnant, 'cuz I didn't even know I was pregnant! Then, today, I headed off to a different "fetal specialist" to do a special ultrasound to make sure all is well, and the ultasound specialist then informs me that my doctor had misjudged my due date by nearly a month!! Hold the phone! A month! That's HUGE in the pregnancy world!!! What the heck? Here I am thinking we're nearly in the clear for the "scary" part, all of my fears and anxieties could be laid to rest, and then BAAAAAM! she hits me with the news that I am only 8 weeks. After that sobering comment, she did go on to say that all appears well, we could hear the heart beat racing and everything seems perfect. That was great news to hear even though the IDIOT DOCTOR i had been seeing was so off. Needless to say, I'm going to be seeing someone new! I've just been worried and hopeful that we will make it through these early stages ok, and here I thought we were through it. For those of you who have babies already, you might think i'm overdoing it by worrying, but for some reason, that's all i've been doing. I do however feel much better after seeing that little life inside of me and hearing the heart. It's a beautiful thing! Frank was unable to make today, but that worked out to his benefit because when we go back to do the 12 week ultrasound we thought we were doing today, the baby will actually almost look like a baby instead of a little cashew looking thing. :)

In the mean time, with all sincerity, we are hoping that all is well and growing strong in my tummy, but we also know that Father in Heaven knows the end from the beginning and so we turn our hearts and our trust to HIM that all will go as he has planned.

OH! and just for the record... FRANK IS SOOOOOOO EXCITED TO BE A DAD, AND I am so excited to be a mom...Hopefully no one is offended by what seems to be my lack of excitement, I'm sorry if you are,It's not that we are not excited, I am just a little worried I guess. I've never been a worrier, but all that has gone out the window since the moment I found out there was a life created and growing inside of me!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's been a while!

Hello blogging world... it's been too long since we last wrote. We have been so busy these past few months with life in general, but it finally seems to be slowing down, at least for a few months anyway. So as far as updates go... Around the middle of August Frank and I both found really good jobs have been busy working, he's been working 6 days a week for a month now, the poor guy! And i went from working 3 jobs, down to one, it's certaintly not ideal, but in today's economy, I'm just grateful to be working. And last, but probably most importantly, we are FINALLY, for the first time in a nearly a year, settled in, almost all the way in our own first place in a little piece of Heaven called Harveston. It's in Temecula, and if any of you have been there, you know that it's like a movie set or something... we love it here, there is a beautiful lake/giant duck pond that the community is built around, there are tons of young families, and the best ward we have lived in yet! We are so happy here. Life is great, which I am so happy to report, because if you remember from my last post, which was short lived on the blog, you might remember that we had recently returned from a trip to HELL and back. All in all Frank and are doing really well, we have some large changes heading our way soon, but we'll save that for another post, on another day... until then, PEACE OUT!